Arduino Artnet Node





Introduction: Arduino Artnet Node

A few months ago i needed an Art-Net node. But I didn't have enough money to buy one because they are about £300 and that is quite expensive.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

  • max485
  • 3pin(or 5pin)xlr
  • arduino mega or uno
  • ethernet shield (make sure to use an ethernet shield that uses the w5100 chipset , a shield with a different chipset wont work)
  • 16x2 lcd
  • 100 ohm resistor
  • 220 ohm resistor
  • 10k potentiometer

Step 2: Build the Circuit

The circuit is fairly straight forward but you will need some skill.

Step 3: Upload the Arduino Code

  1. Download the arduino ide (make sure to install version 023)
  2. Plug in your arduino via usb.
  3. Copy the file DMX from the download to the arduino ide's libraries
  4. Open the Art-Net-node.ino
  5. Chose your arduino board from the boards menu.
  6. Upload the code

Step 4: Download Freestyler Lighting Software

  1. Download the latest version of the freestyler lighting software.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Go to setup and then interface setup set this option to Art-Net.
  4. Then set Broadcast address to your Art-Net Node's ip address.
  5. Connect the Art-Net node's ethernet port to your computers ethernet port.
  6. Plug power in to the arduino via usb
  7. Go to your computers control panel then network and change adapter settings.
  8. You should then be able to see that the arduino is plugged into your computers ethernet port.
  9. Bridge your wifi to the arduino.
  10. Re start the freestyler software.

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42 Discussions

How do I change which artnet universe is outputted on each dmx port?

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the easiest way is to change artnet settings on the pc end of things otherwise you would have to modify the code

I have a problem: C:\Users\loo\Desktop\artnet\artnet_node\artnet_node.pde: In function 'void setup()':

artnet_node:268: error: The Udp class has been renamed EthernetUdp.

As of Arduino 1.0, the Udp class in the Ethernet library has been renamed to EthernetUdp.


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try using a different version of the Ethernet library

use the ethernet library that comes with the arduino 0023 download (linked above)


Question 4 months ago

Is it also possible to extend this node to control at least 6, or maybe even up to 10 universes? If yes, could you point me in the right direction for this?

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Would a teensy support up to 6 or more nodes? Possibly with the OCTOWS28xx adapter?

Thanks in advance!

the arduino would not be able to support that many universes i reccomend using a maximum of 3 universes, but what you can do is use multiple arduinos

Hi, I' m finishing now to build this project and i have few questions about the circuit:

1) Should I put 2 resistors 10 ohm 1/4 watt between the pins 6 & 7 of MAX and the pins 2 & 3 of DMX connector?

2) Should I put a 100 nF capacitor between the pins 8 & 5 of MAX?

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the capacitor would definitely be a good idea and the resistors also sound like they should work in that configuration

Hello ! I want to get 2 DMX outputs and 1 DMX input. How do I change the code? I now use the scheme without an indicator, based on Mega2560.

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Sadly the code does not support DMX input.

it is possible to have 2 DMX outputs though if you wire the second output to pin 18

if it supports artnet it should work

im not sure ill have to look at an old backup of my old pc i will post it in the comments if i find it

can you use a dmx shield