Arduino - BLUETOOTH Voice & Remote Home Control Android APP

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Hello world! Today i made a voice control and remote control app combined. In my opinion this is the best one i made and i'm going to use it in my home myself, also check out the others apps i made.

I made a list of commands in the code, dutch and english. the APK file attached is dutch, the google play store app is english. I will also put the commands in the instructable as a text file and in the instructable itself. You can control your home with Buttons or Voice with this app.

Follow the next step for the code, app, parts list and schematic. If you want the Source just contact me!

Step 1: Schematic, Code, Parts List + Android APP

Just connect it as the schematic and everything should work.

EDIT: Ethernet Shield on the Schematic is Arduino uno. Just a little typo.

To install the APP just download it to a folder (download folder in my case) in your phone and open the .APK file.

Also make sure not to have the bluetooth connected when uploading the code!

DOWNLOAD THE APP ONGOOGLE PLAY (English version) The APK file attached is dutch!

Parts list.

  1. Arduino Uno, Any copy will do.
  2. 8 Channel relay, You can use 1 Channel Relays if you like. But i go for the 8.
  3. HC-06 Bluetooth module.
  4. Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
  5. Power Cables and Lamp sockets (optional to test relays)
  6. android phone + the APP.

The Commands in english and dutch:


  • alles aan / alles uit
  • woonkamer aan / woonkamer uit
  • keuken aan / keuken uit
  • balkon aan / balkon uit
  • badkamer aan / badkamer uit
  • slaapkamer aan / slaapkamer uit
  • zolder aan / zolder uit
  • schuur aan / schuur uit
  • kast aan / kast uit


  • all on / all off
  • livingroom on / livingroom off
  • kitchen on / kitchen off
  • balcony on / balcony off
  • bathroom on / bathroom off
  • bedroom on / bedroom off
  • attic on / attic off
  • barn on / barn off
  • closet on / closet off

To Change baudrate, name and pin of your bluetooth device follow step 2. (optional)

Step 2: How to Change the Name of Your HC-06

What is needed?

1 x USB to TTL microcontroller programmer to connect to your HC-06

How to connect the Programmer?





Lets get started...

  1. connect the USB TTL programmer to the HC-06
  2. Plug in the USB and open up The Arduino IDE
  3. Open the serial monitor.
  4. Type "AT" without quotes. You should see a respond in the Serial monitor saying "OK"
  5. Type "AT+NAMExyz" Sets the module name to “xyz” (Replace xyz with the name you want.) response should be OKsetname.
  6. Type "AT+PIN1234" Set the pin to 1234 (replace 1234 with your desired pin) respond should be OKsetPIN For more info on changing baudrate etc. i included a PDF file. Good luck!



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    3 months ago

    I would like to change the voice control code but did not work on the application.? how can to change it.?


    2 years ago

    Hey! Thanks for another fantastic project. Any chance you'd be willing to send over the app inventor source code?


    2 years ago

    Follow me for more cool cheap DIY stuff!