Arduino Based Temperature Monitor

Introduction: Arduino Based Temperature Monitor

This video shows a temperature monitor using LM34 precision temperature sensor, Arduino and 16X2 LCD display. The monitor also stores the last 10 temperature readings

More pictures and projects @

Heres the link to download the code:

(Sorry all for the delay)



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    Could you please post some steps ?

    Nice article of Arduino Based Temperature Monitor with good information. As for more information Temperature Meter visit :

    Can you post the arduino source code either here on your site?

    I'm new to arduino and I think I have all the parts to build the temperature monitor.



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     I'm been looking for something like this. The only that i would want to change is that you have to push the button each time you want it to read the temp. Is there code to have this be a 'live' temp sensor?

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    the only reason I had it that ways was because I was trying to replicate the functioning of a thermometer and since LM324 responds slowly to temperature changes, I average it over 20 seconds. But yes, you can easily make it to work as a live sensor. I will be posting the code on my website sometime in may, if you want to wait till then.