Arduino Bluetooth Communicated Led

u can use this project to trigger on any device of 5 v using just the output of this circuit which can be used for home automation

a tutorial on home automation using relay will be posted soon

u can also use relays for higher power supply

u will need arduino uno

hc-o5 bluetooth module

and any out put eg led

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Step 1: Uploading the Program

upload the program on your arduino before because u cannot upload a code in arduino if the tx rx pins r connected

Step 2: Make the Connection

connect the led

the longer or +ve pin to 13

the -ve to ground which is just adjacent

connect the hc-05 to your board

vcc or 5v to 5v pin of arduino

ground to ground

tx to rx (in my board tx is pin 1 and rx in pin0 )

rx to tx

Step 3: Using the App

u will have to download bluetooth terminal

u have to first connect the device to the module and then u r ready

when u send small alphabet 'a' the LED turns on and when u send small 'b' LED turns off

innovate yourself and use it as per u want

pls vote me in the contest

i will make a tutorial on home automation using relays soon with the same project

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