Arduino & Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car.

This is my first project with Arduino uno. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can control a robot car via Bluetooth with my brand new android app. It's called "BlueArd" and it's the 0.1 version. I want to upgrade my app later and add more features.

Step 1: Required Parts/components

1.Arduino uno with USB cable.
2.Bluetooth module HC-05.
3.Bread board.
4.Castor wheel.
6.L293D IC.
8.Jumper wires 20 M-M.
9.100/150RPM Motors-2
10.Nuts & Bolts.
11.1× smart phone.

Step 2: Schematics.

Make all the connections as shown in the above figure.
note that Bluetooth module RX is connected to TX of the Arduino and the TX to RX of the Arduino.



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    Great idea. If I could add a bluetooth camera to this, I would finally have a decent way to inspect my crawlspace and ducts without getting dirty.