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Introduction: Arduino CNC

Hi, this is my first instructable and I hope to do more.

This project was for 'Creative Electronics', a Beng Electronics Engineering 4th year module at the University of Málaga, School of Telecommunications.

It's a cnc using Arduino UNO R3 , GCode Sender and GRBL. The cnc is made of wood thanks to the help of my father. It has taken us many hours to do the mechanical part however the electronic part is faster to do, but is very gratifying. I based my project on these videos and I have received much support from the author of the first video.

[Reproducir video]

[Reproducir video]

The total cost of the project is about 450€.

Step 1: Materials and Components

From experience I recommend buying all the necessary materials before starting the realization of any project.

Materials and components:

  • Laminated Wood
  • Screwed Steel rods
  • Steel bars
  • Ball bearings
  • Nuts
  • Screws
  • Stepper motors (in my case Nema 23)
  • Stepper motors drivers TB6560
  • Switching power supply 24V 15A
  • Arduino UNO R3
  • Some wires
  • Nylon and metal bearings

Step 2: X Axis

To build the base we have been cut several wooden boards which have made holes and blind holes. These tables form the support of the machine. The screwed steel rods operates as a worm drive. The blind holes serve as a stop for the steel bars that act as guides for the x-axis, in the middle, we put the screwed steel bar, that when turning, generates displacement in the x-axis. Above, we have put a wooden board greater weight and thickness for stability.

Step 3: Y Axis

Bridge construction (y-axis) is very similar to that of the base, but this is supported on a table that is moved in the x-axis by a fixed nut below table. You see it at the last picture.

Step 4: Z Axis

And finally the z-axis, similarly fact that the other two axes and carries a support for a milling or engraving machine. To test I used a screwdriver to move the axis. :)

Step 5: Assembling All of Axes

The final assembly is simple with some screws. I have not used glue to replace parts if broken.

Step 6: Electronic Connections

The connectiosn are simple. You need to use one driver for each motor. Each driver need power supply to work. I use a 24V 15A power supply. I select in the drivers my motors amperage. The A+, A-, B+, B- correspond with each of two coils of the motors and his poles. CLK+ (Clock) connects with the step pin on Arduino, CW+ (Clock Wise) connects to direction pin, CLK- and CW- connects to GND pin. EN+ and EN- not need to connect.

In the link below are the Arduino pin diagram of GRBL and some descriptions.

Step 7: Load and Configuration of GRBL on Arduino Uno R3

I see this video to load GRBL on Arduino Uno R3. In the description of this are the links to the programs and files of GRBL. Is very simple. With XLoader load the GRBL code (grbl_v0_8c_atmega328p_16mhz_9600. hex) on your arduino, then open GCodeSender to conect your Arduino to your pc and it's ready to use.

This video explains how to configure GRBL according your stepper motors.

Step 8: Finish

You can use any CAD program to design your projects and CAM programs to machining the GCode for different needs work. I use MasterCam X7 that is CAD and CAM program.

And this is the final result and I hope you like it.

Thanks so much for watch this instructable and enjoy!

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I'm new on this and need some help. Can i use whatever i want for the electronics? An easydriver forinstace is it compatible with every stepper? The Arduino will that be compatible with the drivers? Do i have to use a shield? Thanks

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Can I have a CAD drawing of this, if any?

This is a great build! It would be really helpful to include the dimensions for the pieces as well for those who also would like to make one. :)

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Hi, congratulations. could you send me the measurements and the plans for this project? My email is, I'm a teacher and I would like to make your project in my school. Thank You, I hope your support.

Hey thanks for your help.I have built a CNC machine using Threaded rods and unipolar stepper motors as bipolar but it is not working. I Don't know what's going wrong. Even I have applied microstep settings. But it is still not working. Can you give me you WhatsApp no. I will video call you and show you my problem. I am not getting anything. Please do share your number I needed to solve my problem as soon as possible because I have to this project at my college and it's date is 1st may 2017. please help me.

Hey I have made one using your designs but it is not working. I have used unipolar stepper motors as bipolar but still only vibration is achieved till now. No exact moment.
I am not able to recognise the problem. can you please help me?

I don't know which are the real measurement because I did not take measures. In the picture you can see the approximate measures.

I hope that will help you.

can u give me stl parts of this build please i wonna build the same !! send me in my email :; thanks

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Hi, where did you find nylon linear bearings? I'm searching on Aliexpress or banggood site but I can't find it. Could you post a link where i can find it, please? 10x in advace.

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Lookup IGUS.COM download the application manual and pick your stuff.

The nylon bearings I did not buy them for Internet. They were made-to-measure in a company of my city. Provided that it is a small company and does not have web page, say to me the measures and the quantity and I can ask the price.

i am robo by vinoth kumar

I have a 1up 3d printer that the company just can't get it together with the wiring, so this is the next thing for the parts I have, kick ass project!!!