Arduino Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm With Relay.

Introduction: Arduino Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm With Relay.

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Hello world. This is my first project ever. Follow me i will add more projects!

Step 1: What Do You Need? & Schematic.

!NOTE! I tested this with a lighter as you can see in the video.

You should fully test your device before installing it in your home.

You can add any sensor that you like and turn of any device you like.

I advice to use a quality sensor, that you know for sure will detect Carbon monoxide.

My device is just a prototype to show you how to build it.

I used the MQ9 sensor ordered from china.

What do you need? Parts List.

Arduino UNO


Keyes 3 color RGB Ky-016

mq9 Carbon Monoxide Sensor or other.

1 Channel relay Ky-019

Jumper Wires.

Step 2: The CODE.

Here is the code. Just Connect everything like the schematic shows.

And upload it.

and you will have yourself a GAS Alarm that can turn of your Central heating for example, within 10 minutes!



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    pleas give me circuit dia gram and all information

    Hi vandenbrande - the previous point I was advising you of is that despite this detector being suitable for both combustible gas and carbon monoxide detection you cannot assume this detector is actually working to detect Carbon Monoxide by only checking that it responding to combustible gass alone. It probably will be OK but if you want this to be a Carbon Monoxide detector as you are stating then you would be well advised to confirm that it is actually working for Carbon Monoxide gas as well as combustible gas - otherwise you could be living in "a fools paradise" and could pay the ultimate price for doing so! Cheers.

    1 reply

    Yes, well it does detect Carbon Monoxide to. So it's all good. As it states in the instructable.. test it before you use it.. they can ship any sensor naming it mq9, could be fake. So everyone should be knowing what hes doing when starting with this.

    Hi vandenbrande - what you are demonstrating IS NOT Carbon Monoxide detection since you are using a cigarette lighter [which it appears is not lit] as the gas supply! While the MQ9 "gas detector" is sensitive to both Carbon Monoxide and certain types of commercially available combustible gasses for domestic use, which may be LPG - Propane or mixtures of Propane & Butane; Natural Gas - Usually mostly methane; or cigarette lighters - usually mostly Butane and sometime also containing smaller %'s of other combustible gasses; none of which are Carbon Monoxide. So your demonstration looks to be responding to the cigarette lighter "gas" only? While a leaking "combustible gas source" is a highly dangerous situation for the obvious reasons your video as a consequence could inadvertently be sending the wrong message to some of your viewers who may not know or understand the differences. Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless and highly poisonous gas formed during incomplete combustion processes. To fully test the effectiveness of your project [CO Monitor] for carbon monoxide sensitivity you should also consider using the combustion gasses from an incomplete or inefficient burning gas source.

    Trust this heps clarifiy this issue for you. Cheers.

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    It responds to Carbon monoxide to. But also lighter gas. The DEMO is about how the device works. You can add any sensor to it and make it turn off something, So you can add a Sensor for Carbon Monoxide only if you like. I will add some more info in the Description.

    Awesome life saving device! Thanks for sharing this project!

    1 reply

    Yes no problem, i made this because i felt pretty bad sitting on the attic, so i thought maybe i'm being poisoned by Carbon Monoxide, so i build this :) More cool stuff coming! I will share them all.