Arduino Circuit Sketching Application

Hey Guys, In this particular project, I am going to show you how to make arduino circuits using an application easily. I have also uploaded/attached a video to help you understand how to use the application and what all can be done!!

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Step 1: Download the Application.

Download the application called Fritzing from the link given below.....

Step 2: Unzip the File.

After downloading the content, extract the files in any particular folder.

Step 3: Open the Frtitzing.exe File From the Extracted Folder.

Open the Fritzing.exe file from the extracted folder and follow the other instructions from the video given in the instructions!!!!

Step 4: Open the Video Which Is Attached to This Project to Know More About the Fritzing App!!

Open the video which is attached to this project and also the link is given below to knoe more about the application called Fritzing. The video will also help you to know how to make use of that application to draw/make sketches for your Arduino projects!!

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3 years ago

where is the bluetooth HC-06 JY-MCU module ?

1 reply
Venkat IndiaANFF

Reply 3 years ago

Hey ANFF, I will see for that module and I will let you know as fast as possible!!!

And also try to find so add up and customizable packs for FRITZING!!! I hope you favorite, follow and vote my project!!