Arduino Controlled Car (Bluetooth)





Introduction: Arduino Controlled Car (Bluetooth)

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All we know that Arduino is an excellent prototyping platform, principally because it uses a friendly programming language and there are a lot of extra incredible components that provide us great experiences.

We can integrate the Arduino with differents shields or modules and build fantastic things. In this project i will show you how use the Bluetooth module to control a car through commands coming from a smartphone.

Step 1: Materials Required

Step 2: Assembly

Step 3: The Code

the code is on GitHub ==) click here

Step 4: The Application on Smartphone

Download Arduino blutooth controller


1- activate your bluetooth

2- click on the Arduino blutooth controller app and select "HC-05"

3- select the controller mode

4- enter settings:






Step 5: Enjoy!



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    5 Discussions

    I am making a really controlled using accelerometer so can you please write a code for me

    1 reply

    am gonna do an other tuto for controlling arduino car using accelerometer

    For both transmitter and receiver.

    Great project. You should enter this into the Arduino contest and the remote control contest that are currently running.

    1 reply