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Introduction: Arduino Controlled RC Car

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This was my capstone project for the ITT Electronics program. it is an obstacle avoiding "bot" that was put together in one affternoon before class.

Step 1: Parts

The parts used for this  included the RC car , Arduino micro controller, diodes and a Ping ultrasonic sensor.

Step 2: Wiring in the Arduino

The car I chose was a very simple design. on the radio reciever I used a multimeter to find which lines when high at what times. this allowed me to interface the Arduino with the car with diodes in the path to to protect the Arduino when the car is used with the remote. When the remote is used I have an ON/Off switch mounted on top of the car.

Step 3: Final Testing

After all the componets I tested in both Automatic and manual modes to see the final testing please go to my youtube channel Thejosg77.  thanks for checking this out.



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    This looks like a very nice project to do with my little cousin. I was wondering, would it be possible for me to get the schematic diagram and the codes that was used as well as the parts that i would need pls. This is my email address ( ) hope to hear from u soon.

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    pls do you what was use for tilting the front tires.THANKS

    this is a nice car .Please what did u use for tilting your front tyres?

    Can you, pleas send me schematic diagrams and the codes that you used? Thanks :)

    I was looking for something like this the other day! I am currently working on my own car using 3D printed parts, and your code will save me tons of time.

    Right now im making a car from scratch wish me luck

    Try searching Jameco or Digikey websites I am sure you will find one at either of these.Good luck and have fun with it.

    Sorry there is no kit for this particular experiment. The electronic parts were from JAMECO, as for the car I found this one at a local department store. I am sure that a kit could be found that does the same thing at any of the electronics supply website. I was not allowed to use a kit for this since it was a project for class.

    is any site of online purchase this project plz tell me hurry... my mailing ID is plz contact with me.

    that is a good project you have done there i have also done similar on please take a look

    i have interfaced Arduino Mega with RC car receiver and have mounted three ultrasonic sensor for detection of obstetrical.

    would be looking forward for your comment i have done quit many modification to this project now on will be post my new video soon

    oops sorry i found out that you have a youtube channel for the operation. sorry.

    Thanks for this awesome project. I made 2 for myself. This is a very cheap and easy fun product to make but, we would all like a video of it in operation. you dont have to but people would follow you and vote for you!

    see you later