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Introduction: Arduino Desktop Companion

The companion was an idea that I came to me as I got irritated on homework, computer issues or gaming.

The companion is supposed to react to your "raging" behavior and either make you aware of your behavior or calm you down.

What you need for this project is:

- Arduino Uno

- SG90 Mini Servos x 3

- Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04

- MAX9812 Microphone Modual

- A box (To build your machine in)


- Breadboard (I soldered everything in place)

I will not go into detail for the cosmetics of this project. Just keep in mind that you leave enough space for a Arduino and possibly a breadboard next to each other. And leave space for 3 moving servos.

Step 1: Schematic

This is how I planned out my Companions wiring.

I used a program called Fritzing, it's an free to use program that I'd absolutely recommend using it.

Step 2: Coding

For readability purposes I put all of the servo positions in different functions that are called with certain conditions.

Step 3: Final Product

Now all that is left is build it in your beautifully, factory or hand crafted box... and do some stuff with it to make it pretty.

Like you can see in the image above, i soldered everything to separate pieces of board, connected the rest with wiring to complete the circus.

Cut pieces out for the arms and cap and placed the servos in places where it can move the separate pieces.

How you want to do this is up to you.

Have fun :)

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun build, thanks for sharing :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, this is actually the first time I ever did something with arduino :P