Arduino Development Environment by Paper Box.

Introduction: Arduino Development Environment by Paper Box.

Arduino Development Environment with half breadboard and Empty Paper Box

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Step 1: Empty Paper Box and M2.5 Bolts, Nuts

There are several holders, contains arduino uno and breadboard.

In this time, I just make a arduino uno and breadboard holder just using empty paper box.

Additionally, paper box contains arduino parts container.

Just you need several M2.5 bolts, nuts, washers.

Step 2: Hole the Paper Box With the Uno and Awl.

Arduino Uno has 4 holes. Just punch the hole with awl, and attach Uno and Half breadboard with bolts, nuts, washers.

Finished it, open the box and put the parts in the box.

No momey, No 3d-Printer. Just you need recycled empty paper box.

Step 3: How About Spacer Leg?

Another box, the DUE and MEGA are on the box.

The box has 4 legs by SPACER.

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