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Here's a small, quick project you can do with an arduino, the EMF Detector!

Step 1: Circut

All you need for this project is

  1. 10- 330 ohm resistors
  2. 10- LED's
  3. 1-3.3m resistor
  4. 1-Solid core wire (this will serve as the probe)
  5. breadboard, wires, battery & connector for arduino to make it portable

Step 2: Hooking Up EMF

I can't tell you much more at this point. I left the circut diagram so you can figure the rest out. I will be making a permanent PCB for this EMF detector. I will upload picture's of the board layout in a few days when I get it done. Any questions leave them, I am usually quick to respond. Happy ghost hunting y'all!

Step 3: EMF Detector Code

This code is available at
  I did not write this code so I do no want to take credit for it I just built the prototype to my liking.

Step 4: Custom PCB for EMF

Here is the finished custom pcb for the arduino EMF detector.

Step 5: Hooking Up to Arduino

I changed the code and went from digital pins 2-6-8-10-12- gnd the on the analog side pins 5 and gnd.

Step 6: Top View

The finished EMF made portable. Hooked up to a 9v battery

Step 7:

Portable EMF



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    5 Discussions


    7 weeks ago

    the code is not working


    2 years ago

    Could you post a written out explanation to the wire and led setup? I'm new to arduino and don't understand how to wire it based off the circuit diagram


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm guessing, based on the level of EMF indicated by the LED in this picture, I think your home/lab might be HAUNTED! :)