Arduino FR632 RSSI Antenna Tracker

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Intro: Arduino FR632 RSSI Antenna Tracker

This tracker not use any gps system.

This tracker use a diversity video receiver and a arduino pro mini, through the analog inputs arduino read the RSSI sinal percentage from receivers.

Sinal its compared and servo follow the stronger RSSI signal.

No pairing, no telemetry, no configuration.

Only you need adjust the value RSSI_MAX and RSSI_MIN in the arduino code about your receiver.

Step 1: ​What I Used

FR632 Video Receiver -

Arduino Pro Mini -

Note: In the images you can see the arduino pro micro, burned after two tests, its clone!

In the last image you can see the arduino pro mini that I use.

Adjustable Step Down -

Servo Extension -

Two directional antennas

Some wires

Solder Station

1mm solder tip


Step 2: Instructions

With multimeter check the polarity of DC jack pins and solder two wires, positive and negative.

Be careful solder the wires in the correct pin if you dont do it you can burn the step down.

Step 3:

Solder the power supply wires to stepdown, isolate the stepdown with some double side tape.

Step 4:

Rssi pins in the FR632 receivers its the 4 pin from the right to left

Step 5:

Isolate the arduino with some double side tape

Step 6:

Put the arduino like a image.

Step 7:

Solder the wires to

Step 8:

Solder the RSSI pins to A0 and A1 analog pins.

Solder the RSSI pins to A0 and A1 analog pins.

Solder the servo signal wire to pin 5(PWM), ground wire to arduino gnd and positive servo wire to arduino raw pin.

Be careful, you need to adjust the stepdown voltage to 5V or 6V, attention to max servo voltage.

Step 9: Test

I use a 3S lipo to power FR632.

Turn on the FR632, choose your channel and you are ready to fly.

Good Flights!

Step 10: Source



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    7 Discussions


    Question 5 days ago

    Hey, do you think there is a way that it works in a littlebit more mor Urban Environnement? So will it work if there are some 5,8ghz Wifis Going on different channels? Is there a possiblity to just make it listen to one channel?

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    Reply 5 days ago

    Hello, this listen the frequency that you put in video receiver.


    Answer 5 days ago

    Its a great Project! Thank you for your Answer:)


    Question 19 days ago on Step 9

    Ok can u explain or add video of uploading the code to the board. That would be really helpfull to complete this project...

    1 more answer