Arduino Fingerprint Sensor

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Using fingerprint scanner with Arduino.

Step 1:

Connect the fingerprint scanner as shown in the image.

Step 2:

Download the Fingerprint Sensor library

Select the File-Examples-Adafruit_Fingerprint-fingerprint example sketch. Upload the code to your Arduino as usual. Open up the serial monitor at 9600 baud and when asked place your finger that was already enrolled against the sensor.

Step 3:

Enrolling with Arduino

For enrolling a new finger via Arduino run the File-Examples-Adafruit_Fingerprint-enroll sketch and upload it to the Arduino, use the same wiring as above. Open up the serial monitor, it will ask you to type in the ID to enroll – use the box up top to type in a number and click Send.

Step 4:

Then go through the enrollment process. When it has successfully enrolled a finger, it will print Stored!

Step 5:

You can edit the sketch to use it in many applications for example with solenoid lock or with a display instead of using the serial monitor.

Simple sketch using 1.8″ display



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