Arduino Flame Sensor Fire Alarm System (4 Steps)

Hi friends, This is Anto. in this tutorial, we can able to learn how to connect flame sensor to the arduino board and make an Fire alarm system. The sensor i used is more accurate and works perfect. Follow the entire tutorial, Connect the hardware as per the circuit. you can also able to make the fire alarm system.


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arduino 1 x 1

Flame Sensor 1 x 1

LCD 1 x 1

LCD breakout board 1 x 1

Buzzer 1 x 1

LED 1 x 1

Bread board 1 x 1

220 ohm resistor 1 x 1

jumpers few nos

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Step 1: Connect A0 Pin of the Flame Sensor to the A0 of the Arduino Board

We need the detection of flame in any distance. so that we need to connect the A0 pin of the flame sensor to the A0 of the arduino board. connect the LCD, buzzer, led as per the circuit diagram

Step 2: Connect the Positive of the Buzzer to the Vcc and Negative to the Arduino

I have connected the positive of the buzzer directly to the vcc to get enough power for the buzzer. we have to send low signal from the arduino to the buzzer to enable.

Step 3: Download the Arduino Code With Suitable Editing

Edit the heading to display on the lcd and download the code. the code is available on the attachment.

Step 4: Test the Hardware With the Flame

finally its done. i have measured the flame even if i showed beyond 1 Feet. you can hear the buzzer sound as well as led indication.

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