Arduino GPS With a Nokia 5110 LCD



Introduction: Arduino GPS With a Nokia 5110 LCD


Today i partly finished my Arduino GPS program. I am gathering knowledge by Arduino programming and a few weeks ago i decided that i will make a GPS speedometer.

I want to use it in my car.

I really love the Nokia 5510 lcd displays and this is the reason why i made this small program for my self.


I am still a beginner with Arduino! Most of my codes that i made are from sample codes from the internet that are free to use. If you can't live with that pls don't proceed!! Thank you!

Step 1: Parts You Need!

1: Arduino IDE

2: An Arduino Uno (I suggest Atmega328 boards)

3: A Ublox Neo6MV2 GPS module

4: Some jumper wires

5: A little time and patience

Step 2: The Connections!

Noka 5110

Reset: Digital 6

CE: Digital 7

DC: Digital 5

DIN: Digital 9

CLK: Digital 8

Vcc: Arduino 3 or 5 volts

Gnd: Ground

Backlight: Vcc or Ground

GPS module

Vcc: 3 or 5 volts

Gnd: Ground

RX to Arduino TX ( Digital 1 )

TX to Arduino RX ( Digital 0 )

PPS: Not connected

Step 3: The Code!

First download the correct libraries included in the sketch.

If an error occurs with the libraries pls try to download another version; It worked for me.

Compile it and upload it to your arduino.

Make sure that the RX led blinks on the board. That way the board is reading data from the GPS module.

You are done!

Step 4: GPS Data Displayed!

On the lcd the latitude, longitude, date , altitude and the current speed is displayed.

I am still working on it to show 6 digits of decimals and the date format. At this moment and in this format it is not so accurate. You have to move atleast 500 meters for the values to change.

So i decided to go for a test ride.

The accuracy of the current speed i guess it is fair enough. It shows 5 or 6 km/h less than the actual.

Not bad for an old and cheap GPS module.

I made it for self entertainment at the beginning, but if anyone can use pls feel free to it.

Any comments,suggestions and help is appriciated to make it better.

Have a nice day!

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