Arduino GSM Based Motor Control (Without GSM Module)

Introduction: Arduino GSM Based Motor Control (Without GSM Module)

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In this project i'm going to show you a basic but unique method to turn on and off anything using relay. This idea was came from few persons doing such projects but they had problem they were all dependent on mobile phone's behaviors on call.

I simply modify it that during call if you cut the thing (relay) will stay turned on until you call back. You can use any kind of cheap mobile or any mobile phone with this project.

All we using are the connection of vibrator motor of the mobile phone. Remember that you must need to disconnect the vibrator motor then make connection because this can make the back EMF destroy our circuit boards (Arduino).

When the connections are done there must be no vibrator in the project (disconnect and throw it away).

Step 1: Understanding the Working of Vibrator

Different mobile phones have different types of vibration. Most of the mobile phones has fixed setting for it while some of them has custom setting features for vibration what users can set according to their needs.

An oscilloscope is helpful to understand its behavior of switching on and off. In my case on call it gave vibration for 1 sec then off for another second. That was all in loop (repeatedly manner).

I utilized a push button code for that after making some modifications.

Step 2: Schematic and Code

Here we need to connect +ve wires of vibrator connection from mobile phone to pin10 of arduino while GND is connected to the -ve terminal of vibrator connection.

I'm using 5v relay and so using arduino 5v to supply it to the BC547 NPN transistor relay driver circuit. Pin6 on arduino uno is the output pin. You can also make more output and perform different functions.

Step 3: WORKING & Code VIDEO

I'm explaining below how my code and arrangement worked for me.

  • You first power everything
  • You make call to the mobile connected via vibrator to the arduino
  • The output is HIGH (means motor or any load is powered)
  • you suddenly cutt call when thing is ON. So thing remains on.
  • To turn it off call back. When the thing is off cutt the call.

That's really very simple procedure while the code isn't hard to be understood. Code requires no library so its easily compiled you don't need to be bothered. If any problem occurs ask me here. Good Luck.!

Watch YouTube video for more details and practical example.

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