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Introduction: Arduino Gas Automation System Android

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Gas automation system, than i did before , but the new I shared a proje.yap stage pictures unfortunately this goes percent of defect bakmayın.proj the mobile phone program and Arduino code paylaşıyorum.basit a study developed communication sağlamaktadır.dah out sahip.bluetooth system web -based application a software and hardware system can automatically turn off the yapılabilir.evi your gas .

Project valve system that prepares its own workshops Ataturk Vocational and Technical High School teacher of the faithful trace the circuit sunarız.proje thank our teacher used the Arduino Nano to be small , we create our circuit on the hole pertinaks was suitable to be developed in this way .

Project :

Step 1:

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Servo motor signal pins: Digital 9

Buzz pins: Digital 5

Led pin : Digital 3

The gas sensor AOUT : Analog 1

The gas sensor DOUT : Digital 7

Step 2:



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    5 Discussions

    Wish the information was presented in more understandable way.

    Thanks for great idea!

    Can use it to shut of water valve if water is on the bathroom or kitchen floor.

    Ah well ok then.... please finish the tutorial in english on this website instead of re-directing it to your website.

    hocam guzel proje, keske google translate yapmasaymisin.

    Very interesting system. Does the gas sensor ever have false positives like smoke detectors?

    Have a great day! :-)