Arduino Hiding Speaker

Introduction: Arduino Hiding Speaker

The speaker that doesn't work or does it. This speaker looks so bad that no one would think to look in it. When the top is opened it makes a noise (of which can be changed) to startle or annoy the thief.

Step 1: Collecting Supplies

The first step is to collect the supplies you will need. You will need an arduino, breadboard, a few jumper wires, a 8 ohm speaker, a battery pack, a photocell, duct tape, cardboard, 100 ohm resistor, 4.7k ohm resistor, a USB cable, and a laptop.

Step 2: Getting the Software

In this step you will need the arduino, laptop, USB cable, the jumper wires, the resistors, the speaker, the photocell, and the breadboard. Use the laptop to go to and search "tone". Where you will want to use the "pitch follower" to get the code and schematics. After you have uploaded the code to the arduino check the wiring to make sure that all the wires are placed correctly, for if they aren't then it won't work. If the sound doesn't get loud enough then adjust the pitch values in the code.

Step 3: Building the Speaker Box

For this step you will need the cardboard and duct tape. The tools you will need are a straightedge or ruler and a utility knife. Once you are done with the arduino you need to measure the length, width, and height so that it will fit in your speaker box. Once you have those measurements trace a layout on the cardboard and use the utility knife to cut it out. On the side that the speaker will be trace the speaker and cut out the hole. Use the duct tape to tape the pieces together; only taping one side on the top so that it can work as a lid.

Step 4: Testing

For this step place the arduino in the box to see if it will be dark enough if not change you light values in the code. Now you are done and have the perfect hiding spot.

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