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Hello, Guys! Welcome to my another instructable! In this, I will be showing you how you can control your home appliances through your mobile (Android-Smartphone). So without wasting any time, we should start this- (Good Luck!)

Step 1: The Materials You Will Need

Guys, here is a list of materials you would require for making this simple project. If you don't have any one of them, you can also buy from the links I have provided! (Though, I don't get any commission)-

  1. Arduino Board (preferably Uno) (A clone will also be good) - Buy
  2. 2-Channel Relay Module - Buy
  3. Bluetooth Module (HC-05) - Buy
  4. Some Jumper Wires - Buy
  5. Breadboard - Buy

Most important, "A BRAIN"

So guys, get all these items so that we can go to the next step to start building it.

Step 2: Connecting the Required Connections-

I have provided a diagram to help you. Moreover, follow the below-listed steps-

Setting up the basic connection. Here's a diagram to help you, make sure to connect according to it only. I have connected to the RXD pin on the Arduino pin 0, and the RXD pin on the Bluetooth module is connected to the TXD pin on the Arduino pin 1.

When you upload the code to your Arduino, make sure you unplug pins 0 and 1. After uploading the code, reconnect the pins. Now on your android phone download this app-
App to be downloaded

Once you have connected say the commands you have chosen in the code and the relay will switch on and off!

And here is the code to help you, be sure that you can modify it according to you!

Step 3: Connecting the Appliances to Relay Module

Find some old appliance, not in use. Remove the outer rubber protective covering, but do not cut the wires inside. BE CAREFUL;

Now you have to cut the +ve wire, i.e, the red one. Insert the exposed wire as displayed above. For safety measures, tape it fully, so no live wires are visible. This can be dangerous. Proceed with CAUTION.

Once done, Just connect the module to mobile. The password would be 0000 or 1234.

Then open the app, and say in the commands.

To turn on, Just say

To turn off, say


As I told you previously, you can modify the commands so that these are comfortable to you.

I put up the complete connection in a box and then glued it with a hot glue gun. You can use any of your great ideas, as you know there are no boundaries to creativity.

Thanks for your pleasure time for reading this instructable.



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    1 year ago


    could tell me what app can be used if i want to use button on app instead of voice.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Sorry for replying so late, I had been busy, but you can use Bluetooth Electronics App. Here you can customize it according to your choice.