Arduino IR Password Lock DIY





Introduction: Arduino IR Password Lock DIY

So it's the time for an upgrade. Let's make a IR remote password lock! You can even use this to control your room's door lock with a password. You can connect the LED wires to a servo motor to do so, I'll make a tutorial later about it. This is a simple and easy project even absolute beginners can make.

Inside the code, You have the possibility to edit many settings.

So, let's make it!!!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial first and never miss anything!

Step 2: Collecting Parts

  • Arduino
  • TSOP 1738 IR sensor
  • TV/ Any IR remote
  • Breadboard
  • 220 ohm resistors x2
  • Green and Red LED
  • Buzzer (should be active)
  • Connecting wires

Step 3: The Circuit

  • IR reciever connected to PWM pin 11
  • Green LED connected to pin 7
  • Red LED connected to pin 8
  • Buzzer connected to pin 4

Step 4: Arduino Main Sketch

Please download the sketchs from [Includes both scripts(You will need two scripts which are included in this package.)]

password_lock.ino is the main sketch which is included int he package.

Due to technical errors, the code seemed to be losing words when written directly. Sorry about that!

Step 5: Collecting IR Hex Codes of Your Remote Control

In this step, we'll collect the hex codes of your remote control that you gonna use for this project. The circuit of the project is same for this step, but we're going to use an additional code for this step.

The script is included in the above package, in step 4. (ir_get_hex.ino)

Upload the above code to your arduino and collect the hex codes of the keys 0-9 and a key to reset the password (I recommend the power key). Once you collected it, edit the main code of your arduino to add these hex codes to the main sketch.

Step 6: Edit the Main Code to Add Your Values

You can find many settings throughout the script. Everything is described int he script. But the main part is setting values of the IR remote buttons. This is from line 41 to 51 (You can go to a line by pressing Ctrl+L). The values you need is collected from the code 1.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Now all you have to do is to upload the main sketch to your arduino and you can change the settings in the main sketch to make your project perfect for your need.

Step 8: Errors and Error Codes

Error with code decryption. Error code: 0x0001

This occurs when you edit something unusual in the arduino sketch. Try to re upload a fresh version of sketch.



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24 Discussions

how can i add change password feature using ir remote in this code?

not work atmega8

How should i do this with out the Buzzer? Would i just not include the buzzer or should i change the script?

2 replies

No, You can do it without the buzzer. Just don't connect the buzzer. there are no other changes :)

Hi I cant open the give two files

Great project, Thanks a lot ... but when compiling the code I get the error:

...IRremoteTools.cpp:5:16: error: 'TKD2' was not declared in this scope
int RECV_PIN = TKD2; // the pin the IR receiver is connected to

Any suggestions?

2 replies

Try to upload a fresh copy of the script. Just edit the needed variables rather than adding new.

make sure you have installed IRremote.h library


2 years ago

This is very good, But would have been a lot better without the music!

Keep it up..... :)

1 reply

Thank you.It was my first tutorial... next time, I will turn the music volume to minimum or completely remove it.

This first project has earned my vote.
Good job, stay inspired to create!

1 reply

Hi Ajith Gopii ! Nice work ! Can You make a Clear Circuit Connection with Pen and Paper Explanation?

1 reply

this is awesome thanks a lot ??