Arduino IR Remote Receiver





Introduction: Arduino IR Remote Receiver

I have been successful in programming my Arduino to identify sets of digits transmitted from my  IR remote.
With this program you can control 4 LEDs over a IR Remote.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

- A TV  IR Remote (I used one from samsung)
- 4 LEDs or more
-  A IR Receiver (TSOP4838, or a similar)
- any Arduino

Step 2: Building

Connect The LEDs and the Reciver like in the picture


LED1 = Pin D4
LED2 = Pin D5
LED3 = Pin D6
LED4 = Pin D7


Pin1 = Pin D19
Pin2 = Gnd
Pin3 = 5v

If you don`t use the Arduino Mega: Use an Digital Pin and write the Pin into the Code.

Step 3: The Code

Unzip "" and put it to -> documents -> arduino -> liabraries...
Restart arduino...
Then unzip "IR-Reciver.rar" and open it with Arduino.

You are Ready to go !!!

Step 4: Finishing

LED1 = Reverse Button
LED2 = Forward Button
LED3 = Play Button
LED4 = Pause Button

If you press one of the Button, the LED will light up.
And if you press the "Stop Button" they will go out.

Sorry for the watermark, I will replace the video soon.



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    19 Discussions

    Why "if you don't use an Arduino mega"?
    I have got an original Arduino mega and the code with the ir sensor doesn't work
    How can I do?

    working great with my remote controlled room lights

    Can I use any remote or I have to change in code ?

    It shows compiling error, when i upload IRrecvDemo to uno.

    Be careful with the diagram above. I've done a few projects really just a beginner. Not sure if it's right or wrong but I like to wire the source power to the breadboard to start my project. In the case above I wired my positive and negative terminals to the breadboard from my Arduino. Then continued to place my IR receiver. However in the diagram the negative terminal is going to the positive side of the breadboard. Needless to say my IR receiver overheated shortly after turning the power on. They have IR receivers at Radio Shack for $1.99. So the diagram above will work but you have to pay close attention to the polarity of the pins.

    That should`t be. Have you checked the datasheet for the pin description ? Or try too use a new one...

    I think mine was a different sensor.

    5 volts was too much for my reciever, 3.3 might work better. it heated up and left an imprint on my finger

    The project was made a long time ago. Search in google: " adafruit ir", they have a great tutorial and sure the information you need.

    Hi, I have an old cellphone with broken battery but works using the adepter. I have photos and notes in this phone but are reachable only through IR. So with your hardware can i take my photos back????...the video doesn’t work


    1 reply

    No, it doesn't work. I only send numbers, sending photos is more complex. I really recommend going to a smartphone shop they should know what to do.

    Yes, i deleted the video because it was made a long time ago.

    Try changing the dashes with lower ones in the library folder name Arduino_IRremote_master (instead Arduino-IRremote-master)

    i have a problem in the code, the IRrecv irrecv . how can i fix this ! please help me. thanks