Arduino Internal Temperature Sensor

Introduction: Arduino Internal Temperature Sensor


Most AVR chips (microcontrollers) have an internal temperature sensor, hence we can use this option to get temperature range in rare condition, this might show higher than external temperature.

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Step 1: List of AVR Microcontrollers Having Internal Temperature Sensor

List of AVR microcontrollers having internal temperature sensor given,

ATmega168A : Yes

ATmega168P : Yes

ATmega328 : Yes

ATmega328P : Yes

ATmega32U4 (Arduino Leonardo) : Yes

Refer your arduino board chip to know about the internal temperature sensor. The internal temperature of microcontroller varies depends on its work load. To measure temperature in degree Celsius.

Step 2:

temperature = (ADCW – 324.31) / 1.22;

Step 3: Arduino Code

For Arduino internal temperature sensor sketch Visit:

Step 4: Steps to Use Arduino Internal Temperature Sensor:

Step 1: Check the Arduino board Chip about Internal temperature sensor.

Step 2: Connect Arduino with system.

Step 3: Upload the Arduino code for Internal temperature sensor.

Step 4: Obtain the temperature reading in Arduino Serial Monitor.

Step 5: Screen Shot

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