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Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

This my first Instructable as an electronics geek , but I must apologize about the documentation poorness .

I made this project for my cosplayer friend sake "Fouad Adel" .

As you see in the previous pictures he's wearing iron man suite in Cairo Mini Maker Faire 2015 that Dale Dougherty attended personally, I hope you like it with extremely bright LED's.

Step 1: Get Started :

You will need :

1. Soldering Iron
2. Any Laser cutter
3. Glue Gun
4. Black spray
5. SMD (Surface-Mount-Device) white bright LED's :
6. Battery :

Materials :

1. Aluminium foil
2. Wires
3. Sheet MDF wood 3 mm or any 3mm wood.
4. Transperant White Acrylic 3 mm (Recommended) or your preferred color.
5. Solder

Step 2: Building Steps :

I used "Laser Cutter MORN MT-3050D II" that Fab Lab Egypt have to cut the arc reactor pattern which was drawn on CorelDraw

Transperant White Acrylic 3 mm ,

Also I have cut 2 triangles with random length to fit with the cosplay empty space , oneof them made from 3mm wood and another from Transperant White Acrylic 3 mm .

Step 3: Covering :

I have covered the arc reactor wood triangle with aluminium foil to give a fancy look for the arc reactor even if the LED's not working yet then added the acrylic layer for more brightness for LED's and I have sprayed the wood with black color for same idea too.

Step 4: Wiring :

First I started to solder each 2 Super white bright LED's together as you see in the picture after I solder 2 of them to get 3 pairs of them (= 6 LED's) then I extended with long wires all gathered together to connect to the battery.

Step 5: Final Steps:

Put all components together after isolating the wires because aluminium is good conductor of electricity,

**Note : try to make the LED's place symmetry to give best light spread .

Thanks for reading or making or liking my project as this is my first one on Instructables :)

Share with your friends and become Tony stark ;) :D

Sorry if my English is sick .

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