Arduino - LCD1602A I2C - Waterproof Thermistor With LCD1602A

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Hello world! Today i wanted to test a new sensor for my collection and i attached a 1602A LCD to it using a I2C on the LCD. You can easily change it in the code when you want to use normal wiring by uncommenting and commenting some lines. There are 2 codes 1 For fahrenheit & 1 for Celsius. Follow the next step for the Schematic Code & Parts list.

You can simply change the code to normal wiring if you do not want to use the I2C, I put the lines in the code already. I attached to codes for Celsius & Fahrenheit, but you can also edit those by uncommenting some lines & by commenting others. Just read the code, it's all there.

Step 1: Schematic, Code & Parts List.

Simply wire everything up like the schematic, solder your sensor to a Prototype Board or use a breadboard.

I also added a scanner to find out your I2C address.

Parts list:

Good luck!



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