Arduino LED Bonsai Tree




An Arduino Uno controls a bunch of neopixel LEDs that are mounted on an tree shaped metallic structure. The setup also includes a Bluetooth receiver to automatically turn on the animation via an Android app (Tasker).

Step 1: Tree Structure

The tree structure is similar to

In mine, the trunk has 48 wires. I first split it in 4 branches. Continue splitting the branches until you end up with 3 "leafs" per branch.

Step 2: Micro Controller (Arduino)

The box is a simple plastic container that I've strengthen with tape.

The 3 wires on the left (GND, 5V, Data) go to the tree.

The other wires are connected to a bluetooth module. Here's a tutorial on how to connect an Arduino to a bluetooth module


- HC-05/06 Bluetooth Serial

- 50 SK6812 RGBW LED

Step 3: LEDs

Soldering all the LEDs is the most time consuming part of the project. Each LED is connected to both 5V and GND. The DATA wire must run through all the LEDS in series.

You can have a look at that tutorial for how to connect the LEDs to the Arduino.

Step 4: Animations (rainbow, Lightning...)

This piece of code lets you control the lights via serial.

  • Send "0" to start the first animation. There's currently 5 different animations. The animation will run for 15 minutes.
  • Send "stop" to stop the animation.
  • Send "random" to randomly select an animation.

If you are on Android, I recommend using

Bonus: Smart light

I use Tasker and Tasker Bluetooth Serial to automatically turn the tree on when my phone is close to it. This is done with a bluetooth profile that triggers a serial command to the tree.



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    This would make a really nice mood light. I think that I will make something like this for Christmas as a mini light up Christmas tree.