Arduino LED Bottle Light


Introduction: Arduino LED Bottle Light

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This is a light controlled or powered by an arduino enjoy as you get to see the instructions on how to make this! I designed this to go into a soda bottle but have no idea if I want to use it or not.

Step 1: Supplies

there are some supplies you will need:
jumper wires
arduino ( optional)
soldering iron
hot glue gun
hot glue
wire strippers
usb cable A to B
aligator clips
a solder stand
PCB breadboard
and of course an led and some spares just in case

Step 2: New Step

first you need a dremel and cut a section of prototyping PCB. Next you need to put an led in the two that you choose. Then place your jumper wires into the breadboard and lastly for this step at least, put your solder in the led bridging the gap between the led and the jumper wires

Step 3: New Step

I would wear safety equipment like gloves and safety glasses when soldering some of you may need to check out some tutorials on soldering. anyways I next added a small amount of solder to the wire after twisting it to let you put it into the arduino headers easily.

Step 4: Finally Testing the Project

finally you should have all the stuff to test the project put the wires in gnd and 3.3v on the arduino or in gnd and pin 9 if you are using the fade sketch but don't power the light for too long without a resister.



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    Hello. I think you should include a shot of what the bottle looks like with the light turned on.

    1 reply