Arduino, LED, Dice!

Introduction: Arduino, LED, Dice!

I love LED's and I love The Arduino platform!  (I also like dice!) 
so I made a Arduino, LED dice!
On with the project!

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Step 1: PARTS

You Will Need:
-1 Breadboard
-1 Buzzer
-7 Red LEDs
-1 Green LED
-1 300ohm resistor or 3 100ohm
-1 Button
-1 arduino
-? jumpers

Step 2: Connect Jumpers

Connect jumpers to pins:

Step 3: Add the Breadboard!

Add the breadboard with jumper spacing as shown!

Step 4: More Jumpers!

Link the row of the jumpers to the next row as shown in the picture.

Step 5: LEDs!

connect the leds with the spacing in the picture.

Step 6: More Jumpers!

Two jumpers for the button.  You may not need to do this depending on your button.

Step 7: Insert the Button!

Place the button on you breadboard as shown!

Step 8: Connect Up the Button!

connect one output of the button to digital pin 12 like shown!

Step 9: Connect Up the Button!

Add your 300ohm resistor to the same as output pin as the one with digital pin 12.
(in my case I used 3 100ohm resistors)

Step 10: Connect Up the Button!

Connect the other end of the resistors to the 3.3v port on the Arduino.

Step 11: Connect Up the Button!

On the final output of the button to ground.

Step 12: Spreading Ground!

Get your bottom ground rail and connect it to the top ground rail.

Step 13: Connect Ground!

Connect all of the ground pins of the LEDs to the ground rails!

Step 14: Plug the Green Start LED In!

Plug the green LED into the breadboard!
(This LED is not needed, it just flashes when the code starts)

Step 15: Connect Ground!

Connect the ground pin on the LED to the ground rail.

Step 16: Connect Positive!

Connect the positive pin on the LED to pin 13.

Step 17: Bzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzz!

Now to annoy everybody!
get the positive pin of the center LED and connect a jumper
over to an open rail.

Step 18: Connect the Buzzer!

Plug the positive lead on the buzzer to the jumper you got from the middle LED and the negative into the negative rail.

Step 19: CODE

The code is commented well so i will not explain here!


Step 20: Your Done!

Now have fun playing games, annoying people, and remember, Arduino safely!

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    3 years ago

    show me the coge


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a good idea. Thanks for posting the code. I would love to see a video of this working.