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Introduction: Arduino LED Laser Arcade Game

In this instructable I'll be demonstrating how to make a Laser Arcade Game using LED and light sensors. The code is included and you don't need a lot of parts to build it. I will not tell you how I build the case, you'll have to make that yourself!

The idea was that I wanted to create a game using Arduino using the most basic parts it offers. You use the laser pens to light up the light sensors so they will measure it, and if the LED is on you score a point and a different LED lights up.

You can see the finished project here:

This is what you need to build this:

Arduino UNO

3 x LED blue (or another color)

3 x LED Red (or another color)

6 x Light Sensor

12 x 220 Ohm resistors

1 x 10k Ohm resistor

1 x Push button

1 x Piezo Sounder

2 x Laser pens

Wires, solder, breadboard etc.

It's advisable to test this on a breadboard before soldering it together, this will make it easier to fix mistakes.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Hardware

The first thing you want to do is connect the LEDs and the Light sensors, once you have those set up, connect the button and the sound module. We connect the sensors to the analogue, as they will need to transmit the values to detect if the laser is shining on it and the LEDs to the digital, as we just need to turn them on and off. The sound module and button are connected to digital as well. All the detailed instructions on how to connect and code these can be found on the Arduino website. Everything is pretty basic.

Make sure that the button is the one that uses the 10k Ohm resistor.

Step 2: Code

Download the code and upload to the Arduino and test to see if it works!

Step 3: (optional): Solder and Build the Case

This is how I soldered my hardware. Then I built a wooden case around it. It's up to you how you want to do this however, so get creative!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and seeing what I've built!

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    2 years ago

    That looks like fun :)