Arduino LED Lamp Flickering to Music




Introduction: Arduino LED Lamp Flickering to Music

I really wanted to create a lamp for my bedroom out of a large piece of drift wood that I collected. I found really cool through hole Neopixel LEDs on and I wanted to program them to blink to the beat of music.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

  • Arduino (and Arduino software on you computer)
  • driftwood
  • bread board
  • power source
  • audio cable
  • audio jack
  • speakers
  • 3 10k resistors
  • 220k resistor
  • 33pf capacitor
  • 2 100nf capacitors
  • 10nf capacitor
  • MSGEQ7
  • 3 N-channel MOSFET Transistors
  • wire
  • through hole led lights
  • headphone splitter
  • male to male jumper cables
  • drill to drill holes in drift wood
  • *depending how you set up your lamp, I used rope to hide my wires.

Step 2: The Circuit

You will need to do is create your circuit like the diagram shown above

Here is a link to the MSGEQ7 I looked at to understand the chip.

Step 3: The Coding

Step 4: Building the Lamp

Next I drilled holes in my drift wood where I wanted my LED lights to be and wired all the LEDs together. (Depending on you drift wood you may have a different layout of your LED lights).

You will need to create an in closer for your arduino and breadboard, I chose to place mine in a small side table. (again it all depends how you want yours displayed)

I also chose to place my speakers inside the table and line the table with rope, this is now necessary if you do not want this look.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea! I'd love to see a video showing the LED effect with sound.


    5 years ago

    Absolutely going to make this