Arduino Lego Case.

Introduction: Arduino Lego Case.

About: Biomedical Technology Arduino and sensors.

Hello Instructables community ,this is my first project.I hope you understand the guide,its very simple and pratical.Any problem or doubt give feedback in comments.

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Step 1: What You Will Need.

Here you will find a list of parts needed for the project.

 1x Plate 4x8
 1x Plate 4x12
 1x Plate 8x8
 1x Brick 1x1 #3005
 1x Brick 1 hole 1x2
 1x Brick 1x4
 2x Plate 1x12( not in photo)
 2x Brick Corner 1x2x2
 2x Brick 5 Holes 1x6
 2x Brick 1x6
 3x Brick 2 Holes 1x2
 3x Brick 1x8
 4x Brick 1x3
 8x Brick 1x2
  Arduino Uno or Duemilanove.
  Usb cable a to b( the one you use to program)
  9V Battery Adapter(

Step 2: The Base

Use the lego plates.Just follow the images its very simple.

Step 3: The First Layer

Step 4: 2nd Part

Step 5: Final Step

In this stepp add the 9v adapter and Jumpers

Step 6: Just a Little Test.

The main cause of this project is the cables organization.I hope you liked.Any question or doubts ,just comment :)

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