Arduino - Magnetic FIELD Detector Using the KY-003 or KY-035

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Hello world! Here i am again. Today i made 2 Different Schematics and 2 codes.

Don't be confused they look a lot like each other, The only difference is.. 1 sensor, the KY-003 uses a

digital Input, and the KY-035 a Analog input. Therefore there are 2 schematics because they use different codes.

So you can choose which one you want to use, the KY-003 Or the KY-035.

Follow the next step for the schematics code and parts list.

Step 1: Schematics Codes & Parts List.

Parts list.

  1. Arduino Uno, I used the RobotDyn Uno as i always do.
  2. 3 Color RGB KY-016
  3. Hall magnetic sensor KY-003 or KY-035, Depends on which code and Schematic u use!
  4. Buzzer.
  5. A magnet of any kind. Small/big doesn't matter.

(if a small magnet doesn't work with the KY-035 You need to change values in the code, with the KY-003 code any magnet will work right away.)

Good Luck!



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