Arduino Mancala Game Using a TouchShield Slide

Introduction: Arduino Mancala Game Using a TouchShield Slide

This is Miguel Bernadin here showcasing my lastest to date Mancala device on an Arduino with a touchshield slide which which has a resistive touchsreen for input. What you have here is the Arduino and to the left of it is the Lithum backpack, to the right of it is the touchshield slide. The arudino and the touchshield slide both have an AVR microprocessor. The arduino is sporting the ATMEGA328 which has 32 kB of flash memory, a voltage regulator build in to help control current and whatnot and a usb adaptor to communicate to it with alot of other stuff The touchshield to the right has 256KB of flash memory which is 8 times more memory where your source code can live in comparatively to the arduinio itself. They're both running at 16Mhz but the touchshield slide has an additional onboard flash which is the AT45DB161D chipset holding 2megabytes. When you're uploading images to the Slide, its actually going to be saved there and not the microprocessor but they are communicating to each other using SIP. And right how, i will am going to plug in the USB cable to provide power to my hardware. What this is going to run is game that is still being played today that is designed with two different game modes. One, is the 2 player mode which allows you to play with another person, and the other is 1 player mode which has the user play agaisnt the Artifical intelligence i've made. The Artificial intelligence is build with 3 difference modes which is easy, medium and hard mode.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome work! This is really cool. I'd love to take a look at your code for the game. Do you have it available to download?

    cool, I've wanted to get one of these rgb touch sensitive arduino shields. are there many different kinds? where did you get yours? what is the resolution?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for watching it! Yes, there are many displays you can get for this arduino shield. For this type there are two made by this company Liquidware called "TouchShield Stealth" and a "TouchShield Slide" which you see above. There is another company that has a shield called "SMARTGPU" by vizic technologies which looks pretty cool too and it has a library that comes with it. They are all 320 x 240 pixels.