How to Make Arduino Mario Theme in 5 Minutes

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How doesn't love that Mario Theme? We all love that epic game and like to see over and over.

Today we can see this fast built circuit that uses Arduino to play Mario Theme.

You can typically build this circuit in only 5 minutes.

My tribe know me and realize that I'm short in time. That's why I like fast built projects.

In this project, you can learn to play long tones using only Arduino Uno and a speaker.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Hardware Components

What you need:

Arduino Uno Board

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USB Cable

8 Ohm Speaker

Arduino IDE (download and setup on your computer)

Step 2: Connections and Circuit

The circuit is very simple.

This circuit uses PWM signals from PIN 3 to generate tones.

Then all you have to do is to connect the speaker to PIN 3 and GND on your Arduino Board.

Step 3: Code and Software

Now open Arduino IDE and paste this code inside it.

Compile the code.

Upload the sketch into your Arduino board.

Play your favorite Mario Theme and enjoy.

Step 4: Test Your Circuit and Play Mario Theme

Now you can play your favorite Mario Theme on Arduino.

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