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Introduction: Arduino Mars Rover

Our high school in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna we participated in an engineering project that is to build a rover called MathLabMars Rover this has three Arduino unit and a radio transmitter to stay connected to MathLab system and Simulink and I my other classmate we occupied us of the programming for the automatic movement of the rover and another group was involved in the construction of the rover.

In fact, as you can see in the video the rover automatically follows the green points that in reality would be of programmable points of interest (eg a dune, a crater or something deformed from the landscape). After our rover we presented it to the local fair of robotics and electronics getting many positive reviews.

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Step 1: Construction of Arduino Mars Rover

The original construction project was more or less the same in fact was how to build a LEGO the difference made her the code to find and reach a particular point of interest

Step 2: The Structure

The engineering structure of the robot is quite simple consists of 3 units TWO Arduino board to the calculations in a spare wheels we bought in a dynamic model shop, a Raspberry Pi camera and a thin battery of 10,000 mAh

Step 3: Execute of Mars Rover

the code was simple to write because we say that there are two ways of writing in MathLab and Simulink writing normally a command line or with Simulink that with this build variables and algorithms directly with complex graphics.

Describing yourself what to give as output

On the photo the Rover Mapping System

Step 4: Greetings

This is an image made during the exhibition of robotics and electronics in Bologna, I hope that our project you enjoyed.

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    Cool. I bet you could make a lot of these for the cost of one of NASA's rovers. They would be used to explore hard to reach places here on earth.


    Reply 3 years ago

    The cost of one of these more or less is between 80-100 € but of course I myself have grave doubts that this could work effectively to Mars even if the calculations were almost all related to the atmosphere and the friction with the surface Martian.

    Anyway you're right should give the research funding of mini-rover