Arduino Mood Lamp Using BlinkM

ThinkM is a new electronics company that has released new LED devices that can controlled from the computer using a simple interface program, and connector.

In this Instructable I will be teaching you how to control any ThinkM device that you may have rather than using the LinkM USB drive.

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Step 1: Parts List

1 BlinkM
1 LinkM (Optional)
1 Arduino Uno, Mega, etc.
4 Jumper Wires
1 USB A to B Connector
1 Breadboard
A Computer To Use

In This Instructable You Can Use Either The MaxM or BlinkM

Step 2: Download Required Files

Download the Arduino software from the website:
Also download the two folders below

Step 3: Electronic Configuration

Connect the Gnd wire to the - on the BlinkM
Connect the 5V wire to the + on the BlinkM
Connect Analog Pin 4 to the d on the BlinkM
Connect Analog Pin 5 to the c on the BlinkM

Step 4:

Open the Arduino application and open the source code in the BlinkM Communicator Folder
Upload the source code to the Arduino device currently plugged in
Open the BlinkM Sequencer in the BlinkM Sequencer Folder
Click the Set Connection Button
Connect the Arduino with the Com Port currently used
Now you are able to sequence your own color code using the simple interface
When you are satisfied with your sequence make sure to click the Disconnect Button before exiting the application or the sequence will not loop
You Have Now Programmed Your Arduino To Control The BlinkM Device

Step 5: Finished Product


The Finished Product Should Look Like This
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