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Introduction: Arduino Motor Party

About: Electromechanical Engineer, Product Designer, Maker. I love to make prototypes and teach others in the process. I graduated from UCF and spent two years working at NASA.

In this instructable I will show you how to throw an Arduino motor party. I will also be giving away an Arduino Mega, Arduino Uno, and an Arduino Pro Mini. (Details at the end)

Step 1: Assembly + Code

You'll need a handful of motors to throw a

party. I used 2 servo motors, 1 stepper motor and 1 dc motor. You will also need an Arduino Uno, an Adafruit Motor Shield and a separate 5-12vdc power supply for the motors.

1. Stack the motor shield on the Arduino Uno.

2. Connect a unipolar/bipolar stepper to M3/M4. One pair will go to M3 and the other pair will connect to M4. To find a pair, touch the stepper motor wires together two at a time until the motor shaft is hard to turn. In my case, the red and green wires are a pair and the yellow and blue wires are a pair.

3. Connect a DC motor to M1

4. Connect a hobby servo to SERVO1 and SERVO2

5. Upload Motor MotorParty_FULL after installing the Adafruit Motor Shield Library I have attached.

6. Power everything up and have a party!

Step 2: Giveaway

When I was in high school and college, I remember not having enough money for some of the projects that I wanted to do. I have 100+ microcontrollers and a great job now so I just wanted to give back a little. I'll be doing more giveaways in the future too. Possibly free filament, stepper motors and other things that I have an abundance of so stay tuned. I am giving away an Arduino Mega, Arduino Uno, and an Arduino Pro Mini!

Rules for the giveaway:

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, like this video and leave a comment on the video saying what you would do with the microcontrollers.

On June 1st (My Birthday) I will randomly select a subscriber's comment and ship them out for free!

Thank you guys for being such a welcoming community!



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    41 Discussions

    Nice instructable. Love the name too!

    I am not able to comment on your video for some reason but here Is what I would do with the micro-controllers if I were to be fortunate enough to receive an Arduino. I would learn more about Arduino's and their functionality, because I am to broke to actually get one. It has always been my dream to own an Arduino but as is it isn't possible. Ever since i was a kid i have wanted to pursue mechatronics and as a middle school student I need to get a head start. This would boost me ahead and allow me to develop my own original product (maze solving robot) and have fun while developing it... Thanks for you contribution to the kids who wish but cannot achieve because of barriers that they cannot break.

    1 reply

    I will be picking the winner by counting the number of comments on the video and then choosing a random number. I could just count you as the last comment.

    I will share your video with my coding club students and we are hoping to win! you are inspiring others, keep instructing!

    1 reply

    Just under the video where is says share your thoughts.

    My plans for these components if I were fortunate enough to get them, are:
    1.) Continue learning more about Arduino
    2.) Build and code some awesome machines and creations
    3.) Use them in a school project
    4.) Have fun with a hobby

    Thanks! :-)

    As a broke college student, I can definitely appreciate what you are doing. My projects have me bankrupt :p

    good on you for that. very generous. I'm in no need for them either, so won't enter, but wanted to pass on kudos

    1 reply

    Thank you. I plan on doing more giveaways in the future so stay tuned!