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Introduction: Arduino NFC WiFi Client

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Last week I did a 10 day long pressure cooker, for that cooker we needed a NFC Wifi Client module for a check-in system. But when I started there was a problem, the wifi shield and NFC module where not compatible :(

So after a 2 days struggle we found a solution :)


  • Arduino MEGA
  • WiFi shield CC3000
  • NFC mini breakout board PN532
  • And some dupont cables

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Step 1: Soldering the PN532

Because the wifi shield also uses some ports, and the SPI communication protocol for the SD card.

I've used the I2C protocol for the PN532 mini breakout board.

It depends on your PN532 board, but on the back side of the board there is a JUMP SELECT legenda for the I2C communication. On the board I got there was some soldering needed to switch the pins, other boards can have switching pins or just jumpers.

Step 2: Legenda and Soldering

PN532 mini breakoutboard I2C soldering:

SO - 1

S1 - 0

Step 3: Wiring

After soldering we can wire all the connections:

I2C wiring -> explanation.

attachInterrupt() ports -> explanation

Arduino Mega - PN532

Pin 18 - IRQ

Pin 19 - RST

Pin 20 (SDA) - SDA

Pin 21 (SCL) - SCL

Step 4: Example Code

Cick here for the example code:

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Can you please reupload the example code?


    4 years ago

    What is a pressure cooker (other than the obvious)?

    What is the purpose of this instructable? I am new to Arduino and I have no idea what you are talking about as you never explained the actual purpose of the project.


    Reply 4 years ago

    It's like a hackaton, the purpose is to help other people, with the same problems I had in this project. The actual purpose of the project is as the title says "Arduino NFC WiFi client" a module that send/ask data to/from an api or database. If you are new to Arduino it's not the best project to start with.