Arduino + Nokia 5110 Display + IR Sensor


Introduction: Arduino + Nokia 5110 Display + IR Sensor

Hi! Today I'm show you my new project using an Arduino UNO, a Nokia 5110 display (PCD8544) and an IR sensor. I managed to write a sketch that's reading the data received by the IR sensor and then display the names of the pushed buttons on the screen. I also used Nokia's entire board with lcd and keyboard because I don't have the possibility to buy or make a breakout board for the LCD. It was a bit of pain to solder some wires on those tiny copper pads from the back of the lcd+keyboard board, but it's working ok and that's enough.
Now, I'm gonna let the pictures to speak from themselves. Cheers!

P.S.: I'm sorry but I cannot change the order of the pictures because there's a problem with the site...

Download sketch from:

LE: Here's a link with the document needed for reverse engineering the Nokia 5110 display board.



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    Could you upload the schematic with the necessary solder?
    Thank you!

    The link whuch u have posted here says that the link is disabled...please help me out with this

    1 reply

    here is!

    Hi, where have you found where you have to solder wires on main phone board?
    Because I find it a lot easier, than to solder to that tiny pads in LCD connector..

    2 replies

    i've attached a pdf with the schematics needed to make the proper soldering on the back of the board.

    you should check for nokia 5110 service manual on internet ;) when i will have some free time i will put some pictures with the schematics ;) cheers!