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In this Arduino project tutorial we will learn how to make obstacle avoiding robot using L298N h-bridge motor driver.

Also we will use for this project HC SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor. And we will use NewPing library in the arduino code.

Step 1: Required Hardware

Arduino Board -

L298N H-bridge -

HC SR04 Sensor -

SG90 Servo -

DC Motor Wheel -

Chassis -

HC SR04 Bracket -

Front Wheel -

Breadboard -

F to F Jumper -

M to M Jumper -

9V Battery -

Battery Clip -

Power Cable -

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Step 2: Connections

You can find more inform about connection from video tutorial.

Step 3: Source Code

You must download and install the NewPing library.

Get the library -

You just copy and paste the code into empty page of the Arduino IDE

Get the Code -

Step 4: You Can Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

You can subscribe to the my YouTube channel for more tutorials and projects. Subscribe for support. Thank you.

Go to my YouTube Channel -

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Crux Australis

6 months ago

The overlapping wires in your connection schematic make it very difficult to see which wire goes where, especially where the wires are the same colour!