Arduino PIR Motion GSM Alarm





Introduction: Arduino PIR Motion GSM Alarm

When the HCSR501 motion sensor detect motion, the arduino send a char with bluetooth (HC05/06) to the android phone.
When the android received char "1" from arduino, make a call to your phone.

The android phone can hide anywhere in the range of the arduino bluetooth.

The app work when screen turned off.

Step 1: The Arduino Connection

Part list:

Arduino (im used nano)

HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor

Bluetooth module (HC05/06)



HC05/06 connection is as anytime (RX to TX, TX to RX)

HC-SR501 connected to the D2 pin (Can use any other pin)

The code:

As you see, ony few line, the most basic serial connection, and one input pin.

If the PIR sensor triggered on the pin2, the arduino send "1" with serial connection.

If upload the code, unplug the bluetooth module!

Step 2: App Inventor 2 App

The used components:

A simple label for the received value (0 or 1)

A bluetooth client for the bluetooth connection.

A clock (its almost a loop function like the arduino. run that block every 100ms time interval)

A phone call for make the call. In the settings, don't forget to set your phone number (00countrycodeyournumber)

When start the app, automatically connect to the HC05/06, set your bluetooth module MAC address in the block.



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    12 Discussions

    how to setting the number phone?

    You can use anything. No matter what give input to the arduino. It can be ultrasonic, ir sensor, touch sensor or a button too.

    Would there be any way to skip the second phone? and maybe use a notification or sms instead of calling. Or how close would the calling phone have to be? I'm asking for a project for a restaurant. The goal is to get a notification whenever someone walks into the bar. There is a bell whenever the door opens but now in summer the door is mostly open anyways. Also the bell can't be heard from thr basement or upstairs. So the phone that should be notified would be in the same house but possibly in the basement with poor reception :/

    2 replies

    search for intruder detection calling system. this may help you


    Hi. I wanted to ask what is the difference between these connections, does it matter? Thanks

    images (1).jpgimages.jpg

    Awesome project! Does this work on a iPhone? So that the iPhone calls another iPhone

    1 reply

    Thanks! Unfortunately i cannot make same app for iphone, but its possible with xcode, i think.