Arduino Password Typer

Intro: Arduino Password Typer

In today's world, everything is online, and everything needs a password for security.  Some people use the same passwords over and over again, but this is unsafe. Some people make several different passwords and constantly forget them.  Some people let their browser remember them.

The following is an Arduino based solution which also involves computer-side software.  With the press of a button, the pre-programmed text string will be typed out wherever your cursor is.

This allows you to store a very secure password, and never have a need to remember it!

Alternatively, you could store all of your passwords on this device and use it as a quick reference that safely stores your critical information offline and off your computer.  Completely unavailable to hackers and other less than reputable individuals.

Step 1: Step 1: Equipment

-Arduino (UNO, NANO, etc)
-1 pushbutton
-1 330ohm resistor
-1 usb cable
-1 breadboard

-Arduino IDE  (
-AAC Keys (
-My Arduino Sketch!  

Step 2: Setup

1) Download and install the Arduino IDE onto your computer

2) Download and install the AAC Keys Program
         -a setup window will popup > set the baud rate to 9600 > set the data type to ASCII > ensure com port matches the Arduino's                  port

3) Build the circuit

4) Paste my text into an Arduino sketch

5) Connect Arduino to PC with usb cable, and upload sketch to Arduino board

Step 3: Use!

In the Arduino sketch, type the password you want the device to print into line 32.

Place your cursor in the password box.

Press the button!

Step 4: Add-Ons

Its just a short step to make this project so much more!

With a soldering iron and some solder, the whole circuit can be put into a much small package.

Hot glue and some cardboard could make a nice little box for it.

Add a few more buttons on the other digital pins, add some more strings into the Arduino sketch, and now you can have a button for each and every password you use!



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    6 Discussions

    vasanth vasee

    1 year ago

    Sir can you tell me how to assign 4 password strings to 4 different keys....plz help me

    2 replies

    the simple way is to copy most of the main loop in the Arduino sketch and add extra variables (buttonstate_1, buttonstate_2 etc). that way it will check for a button press on pin 9, then loop through and check on pin 10 etc based on what pins you attach the buttons to. sorry if that doesn't make much sense, I'll try to type up an example on my PC tomorrow.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Can anyone tell me where I can download the AAC Key Programmer? The website says error 404. :( Help!!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago



    3 years ago on Introduction

    you can downloaded it from