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our power bank stopped charging and I took a screw driver and popped it open .

Step 1: Have a Broken Power Bank ??

you will need:

arduino uno r3

usb hub (from inside a power bank ) with 3 usb ports mine also had an led array.

2 jumper wires

usb cable for arduino


and maybe pizza .

Step 2:

put one wire into the 5v pin on the arduino

an the other into the gnd pin under it.

Step 3:

tape the 5v wire on the positive terminal of the hub.

tape the gnd wire on the negative terminal.

Step 4: You Are Finished!

plug the arduino into your computer or a 5v supply or a (7-12v supply on the barrel jack) and then plug your phone into one of the hub's usb ports

turn the hub on and it will charge your phone, lamp, power bank and many other things.

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