Arduino Pro Mini Stand (Make It Reusable)!

Introduction: Arduino Pro Mini Stand (Make It Reusable)!

Hey guys, What I'm Gonna do here is the Arduino pro mini Stand , not only a simple stand , it helps you to make it reusable.

Most of the time , when you want to use the pro mini board or something like that I mean Nano or etc You have to solid the wires to the board and that is the bad point .isn't it ?

What I'm Gonna do is help you to make a stand for your board to use it over and over like Uno!

So Come with me guys THIS IS SO EASY!

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Step 1: Parts Needed

So Here We go !

You need some parts to do this :

As you can see on the image below you will need

  1. Perforated board (From local store)

  2. Male header pins (From local store)

  3. Female header pins (From local store)

  4. Arduino pro mini (From Ebay)

And a cheap Soldering Iron for sure!

Here we go

Step 2: Put It on !

the next thing we need to do is realize that where we should put our board on!

you should split your male and females pin to, two 12 , and one 3 like i do

As you can see on the first image if you have a 250 hole one you should solid your male headers on this positions that i will say

3 from top for the first group I mean 12 group

3 from top for the second group I mean 12 group

and 3 from right for the last group

put them on test it with your board and see if its fine or not

Step 3: Hit Your Solidring Iron Up !

time to solid the male jacks

do it like i did on the image below .

after that put on your board to see what you've done

Step 4: Time to Work With Female Pins

time to work with female pins

ok , almost done what you need to do here is solid the females pins to the males,

but remember something solid them with one hole different i mean go one hole up and then solid the female there like i do in the image

Step 5: Get It Done !

the last step is really simple connect males to females together but remember connect them in the right way don't connect them in the incorrect way it is really important

Step 6: Test It

it is done ! time to test

connect the battery wires to the right vcc and gen pins to see hows it going

thats fine as you can see on the image

don't forget to see my other projects

thanks for reading Have a nice day!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Maybe its just me, but in the pictures it doesnt look like you've soldered the male pins to the mini? Surly you dont get a good connection without soldering?


    Reply 3 years ago

    yes didn't do that , i didn't solid them i just wanted to make it reusable , i'm pretty sure that they have a good connection with the pro mini even without soliding and thats the point !

    you don't have to solid your board


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Man !