Arduino & Processing - HEART BEAT MONITOR With Pulse Sensor.

Introduction: Arduino & Processing - HEART BEAT MONITOR With Pulse Sensor.

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Hello world! Today i wanted to share a project that could be very handy for some people at home, with this project you can monitor your own heart rate at home, i want to share it on instructables and youtube so people can have a cheap DIY reliable heart rate monitor. Go to the next step for the schematic, codes & parts list.

The processing part:

  • First Download processing here.
  • Download the processing Codes included in this instructable.
  • Save it to your processing folder, you can find it at user/documents/processing/
  • Open the processing folder and open PulseSensorAmpd_Processing_1dot4
  • Press the play button after you uploaded the ARDUINO code to arduino, do not upload this processing code to arduino because it is the Software part of the Project.

Arduino part:

  • Simply wire it up like the schematic shows.
  • Download the HEART BEAT and extract it to your arduino folder, and open HEART_BEAT_MONITOR.ino (You should see 4 tabs when the code opens. If not, open each code and make new tabs in the HEART_BEAT_MONITOR.ino and copy & paste the rest manualy into the new tabs)
  • Upload the code to arduino.
  • NOW press the play button and choose the COM port which your arduino is connected to, Attach the Sensor to a velcro strip or whatever you wanna use and wrap it around your Index finger. You should now see your heart rate.

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Step 1: Schematic, Codes & Parts List.

Parts list.

That's it! Very easy DIY Heart rate monitor!


  • I added Linux applications for both 32 & 64bit Operation Systems.
  • Also added Linux applications for Linux-armv6hf for ARM computers.
  • + i added a Windows 32 & 64 Bit Applications.

Good luck!

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