Arduino & Processing - HMC5983 GY 282 Arduino & Processing COMPASS

Introduction: Arduino & Processing - HMC5983 GY 282 Arduino & Processing COMPASS

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Hello world! Today i made a Compass for a PC or Laptop with arduino & Processing. It's very easy to build! I used the HMC5983 Magnetometer. Follow the next step for the schematic, Codes & Parts list! I did not calibrate my Magnetometer, its just a example. You should calibrate your Magnetometer in order to get the right directions.

In this instructable we use processing and arduino.

Get processing here if you don't have it . Download Processing -- visit our website!

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Step 1: Schematic, Codes & Parts List.

Just wire it up like the Schematic, Upload the codes,Run the Processing code By pressing the play button and it should pop up on your screen.

Parts list:

  • Arduino uno.
  • HMC5983 Magnetometer (Others such as the HMC5883l work to)

Make sure you have the images for the compass from "GY_232_Compass -" in the right map, They should be in the same map as the Processing code. So at documents/processing/GY_232_Compass for example.

The connections are as following.

  • GND to GND arduino
  • VIN to 5V Arduino
  • SCL to SCL arduino
  • SDA to SDA arduino

Other pins are not used.

Good luck!

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