Arduino Project : Gyro/Accelerometer MPU-6050 and Adafruit Motor Driver Shield



Hello guys, if you are planning to use MPU 6050 Gyro/Accelerometer module or L329D adafruit moter driver shield with Arduino for your next project then you are on the right place, because in the article I am sharing a video with you which start teaching you from the basic of these module.

To make this demo we required:-

  1. Arduino
  2. MPU6050 module (GY-521)
  3. L329 Motor Driver shield
  4. And 2 dc motors

Here you will learn how you can connect all the components together,
the base project of my demo is how gyro work in quadcopter to control the speed of motors. It doesn’t mean the same code will help you in balancing a quadcopter, it required modification.

If you want more information about the same, the circuit diagram and Arduino code then please click the link below.

Project page: Arduino Project: Gyro/Acceleratormeter MPU-6050 and L329D Motor Driver shield

YouTube video: Working Demo of MPU-6050 (GY-521) and L329 Motor Driver shield



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