Arduino ProtoShield




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Intro: Arduino ProtoShield

In this project, we will be making an Arduino Protoshield which supports and electrically connects electronics components to the Arduino for better wiring and design.

It’s a fairly easy project and could be used on variety projects.

Step 1: List of Material

For this project, we will be using:

- Arduino boards (mine Arduino Uno Rev3)

- Dot Matrix PCB / Protoboard

- Male header

- Solder + Lead

Step 2: Modify Male Pin Header

Step 3: Modify Protoboard

Step 4: Make the Protoshield

In general, the connections are very simple. Follow the instructions and images above, and you should have no problems.

  • Insert the header into the Arduino
  • Align Dot Matrix PCB to the header pins
  • Solder the header pin to PCB

Step 5: Enjoy!

After making sure that everything works smoothly, you can design necessary circuit and solder electronics directly on it!

Plug the Protoshield to the Arduino and you're good to go!



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