Arduino Push Button Counter




Let's Learn how to make an Arduino pushbutton counter. I used digispark attiny85 Arduino, but it will work with any Arduino. so you can use Arduino uno or some other if you want.

You can see how this work in video or with this link:


Step 1: What We Need?

We need :

-Arduino board

-TM1637 -4 digits dispaly module

-push button

-10 resistor

-breadboard and wires

You will also need library for the module, download and install library using the link bellow.

Now, lets connect everithing together!

Step 2: Code



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    Can you help me expand this idea a bit? I want to build a punch
    counter for my son's martial arts club. It will count the number of hits
    to a punching board (bag) in 45 seconds.

    Ideally, what I envision is a reset button, triggering a set of warning beeps......

    beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeep, a small counting display 1-45 seconds and a
    much larger display for the count (3 digits would suffice) followed by a
    long beep and stop and freeze the count until the next reset.

    Although it might be possible to trigger it with a switch, I think an accelerometer might be the way to go.

    have all the parts to build, but I am a complete beginner on the
    programming side and I could use some help. I want to learn this stuff,
    but I need this project sooner than later. ;-)

    Any offers to help greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards, Dennis